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Pluo comes from "raining" as we create a fertile environment for innovation and the blooming of great companies through a better and more efficient hiring process. We want to make dreams come true, providing a great team for your business and incredible opportunities for professionals around the world. #bepluo

Meet our team

We are dreamers and believers, we are the people who want to make dreams come true.

Vinicius Mesel

Vinicius has experience in software development,recruiting and finance. A tech workaholic, his goal is to help companies bringing their solutions to life

Rodolfo Egarter

Rodolfo is an architect with a solid tech background. Passionate about technology and helping others, his goal is to provide the best hiring experience for both candidates and companies, building meaningful relationships among communities.

Adriano Marques

With extensive experience in the fields of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and High-Performance Computing, Adriano is hard at work on the goal of simplifying and democratizing Artificial Intelligence.

Jasmine Smith

Executive Assistant that provides support to the technical team and CEO.

Rhuan Silva

Passionate about technology, Rhuan leads the XNV technology stack, with over 8 years of experience working in vast areas, such as Front-End, Back-end and DevOps.

Mateus Lima

Interdisciplinar Designer / Technologist working with communication and interaction either being through analog or digital media, currently focused in designing user experiences on digital products with a problem finder and solver mindset.

Adriano Wagner

Marketing professional who is passionate about strategies and innovation, loves technologies and music he loves the challenge to work with the universe of startups and that is why he became a specialist startup business.

Sofia Farhat

Psychology student who is passionate about psychoanalysis. Works with IT recruitment, loving to know more everyday about the technologies and peculiarities of the tech world.

Matheus Cardoso

Cardoso is a self-taught software developer. Passionate about Mathematics and problem solving, he believes in a world where technology is created and made use of for improving people's lives.

Vittoria Ardore

Psychology student who loves dealing and helping people. Works with IT recruitment always focusing in provide the best hiring experience for all candidates and companies. She always aims to learn more about this world.

Caue Renatini

Business Administration and Management student. Passionate to be always learning more about the world, people and the improving technologies that surround us to solve problems.

Gabriel Capoani

Psychology student who really enjoys discovering and studying about the world of Psychology and its surroundings. Fascinated by technologies and their effects on our daily lives.

Leonardo Ferreira

Digital Product Designer specialist with more than 10 years in the Digital Design Industry. He will help the business not forget the user's problems and help to solve the user's problems without forgetting the business problems. Besides, he is curious and passionate about rocket science, investments, american barbecue, crypto and nerd stuff.

We Are Experts in Tech Professionals

Pluo platform is a result of the fusion of those three companies with the objective to make a international career possible to everyone. We unified all the experience with working abroad, and the knowledge on how to hire tech professionals on Pluo, making dreams come true.
Meet the team

A tech hiring company created especially to recruit developers for growing companies, building dream teams while helping out the community to find their place in the market through the best hiring experiences

It’s a job board built exclusively for Python Developers, since it became popular in other communities it starts to admit other technologies to it, becoming a dev specialized platform and community.

Frontend developers became very popular and a huge necessity in the companies, FrontJobs was born from this need. Based on front end developer’s community, it became very popular quickly.

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