6 Essential Qualities Your Vacancy Descriptions Need


Your vacancy descriptions are one of your best tools for attracting more candidates. They’re also an essential part of your employer’s brand, so make sure you do it well by following these six important qualities.

What Qualities Your Vacancy Description Should Have

Clarity: It means that you ensure all the details explain well in a way that is easy for job seekers to understand.

Conciseness: You take the time to pack as much information into a single paragraph as possible. It makes it easier for job seekers to find the information they need and reduces the time they spend reading your vacancy descriptions.

Accurate: It means that you make sure all the details match up with reality.

Description Opening Sentences for a Vacancy

The opening sentence of a vacancy’s description should introduce the position, explain what qualifications are required, and list the hours and days the job is available. The opening sentence should also state the company’s priority for hiring. The company can more easily target its recruiting efforts by saying they are looking for someone with specific skills or qualities.


One of the most important aspects of writing a vacancy description is choosing the right keywords. It is essential when you are targeting a specific industry or company.

By choosing the right keywords, you can help attract the attention of potential candidates specifically interested in positions in that industry or company.

Unsolicited Applications

Here are some essential qualities your vacancy descriptions need to avoid communication problems:

  1. Clear and Concise Job Description: Your job description should be clear and concise. It will help people understand what you are looking for in a candidate and make it easier for people to apply.
  2. Keep Your Job Posting Updated: Make sure your job posting is updated frequently. It will help to prevent too many unsolicited applications, and it will also keep the application process accessible for people who are interested in applying.



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