Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa: Get yours and start living life!

Have you ever imagined working in a country where you have a two-minute walk to a paradise beach from your house, the weather is not too cold or too hot and the most famous carnival?

You don’t need to imagine anymore because it is happening!

With the continuous growth of remote work, people can work anywhere in the world… But, unfortunately, not every country will allow anyone to live there without a specific permit. Brazil was one of those countries!

Now Brazil is your paradise

Brazil—A Lush Tropical Paradise | TravelPulse

Now everything changed for people who want to get their feet on Ipanema. Brazil’s Ministry of Justice released a new law that will allow temporary visas and residence permits to immigrants even if that person does not have an employment relationship in the country.

All you need is an employment or service contract (from your country or the company), among other documents that show a connection with a foreign employer.

Why should you go to Brazil? Here are some reasons

  • Brazil has the 12th largest economy in the world, being the number one in South America.
  • Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, so you can live in many climates, regions, cultures and parties without even leaving the country
  • São Paulo is their national New York, Rio de Janeiro is their Rio… (There is nothing that can be compared to Rio)
  • You can be nearby one of the worlds 7 wonders – Christ, the Redeemer

So how much I would spend living in Brazil?

If you receive your payments in dollars or euros, you will be treated very nicely. The Brazilian Real is the 4th most devalued currency in 2021, meaning that you can spend lots of Brazilian money without taking a huge problem to your pocket.

On the date we are writing this article, a US Dollar is the equivalent of 5.43 Brazilian Reais.

Housing can cost 450 dollars a month in Rio de Janeiro, which is one of the most expensive cities to live in, so you can imagine how cheap it is in any other state.

Speaking about crime rates, just like any other place in the world you will have some criminality and the secret is knowing where to go, whom to go with.

Living in Brazil is a life-changing experience and you will probably be able to go to some of the most exclusive beaches in the world and talk to the most amazing people.

If you have ever been to Brazil before, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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