Career Guide: Backend Developer

Moving forward in the career
If you are looking at Pluo, you know that web development is a hotspot right now. Everything is online and there is no turn back on it.

If you are looking at Pluo, you know that web development is a hotspot right now. Everything is online and there is no turn back on it. As result, all the companies are fighting to get any talented developer to lead this movement, having more performative applications and websites. And that fight, of course, represents better payments, work-life balance, and culture to not only attract those talents but to make them stay.

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While seeking an entry-level position as a backend developer, you have to learn aspects of a server-side language, as well as the most commonly used frameworks in the market. We highly recommend studying Python and Django, for example.

Familiarity with website architecture, databases, data structures can help you reach other steps in your career in the future. As much you learn, the broader the market becomes for you, but be careful to not lose focus.


It’s not uncommon for a developer to not have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or similar and still make a career out of it. We have people from all backgrounds and that only plays a role in very specific companies. Nowadays, most part of employers just wants someone that solves the problem, doesn’t matter if this person has a degree or not.

But still, if you have the opportunity to take a degree, go for it. It can help you to compete in the market and improve your networking skills.


While working as a junior developer, you will get more knowledge about business rules, coding standards on teamwork. And, of course, the necessary “on-field” experience that will allow you to develop even further and much faster than you did only studying. At this stage, you will manage larger datasets and systems while receiving supervision from the other developers of the company.

As a Junior, you still have to seek opportunities and they are not that easy to find.

Remember to always keep a portfolio up to date with everything you did lately. Show your improvements and the effects of your work.

Keep in mind that people hire others to solve problems. So show your problem-solving skills.

Intermediary Developer

You have the proficiency to work with low to no supervision, managing large datasets, and building complex systems. It’s expected for you to have domain over the main languages and frameworks that you choose to work with. At this point is also expect from you to fully understand how to work with cloud and manage bigger systems. You will also help the junior developers with minor tasks.

For an intermediary developer, it’s common to be approached by companies looking for professionals. But it’s still always good to search the market. Usually, the best opportunities don’t knock on your door and you have Pluo to back you up.

Senior Developer

As a senior developer, you are responsible for the correct workflow and the deliveries of your squad. You will deal with more complex problems. Delegate for intermediaries and juniors, and make sure that they are keeping it up with high-quality standards. At this stage is expected for you to have full knowledge of the tools that you work with. For a senior, a good understanding of business rules and management is also a valuable skill.

At this stage is very common to be approached by the most diverse companies. Seniors are very scarce professionals on the market and everyone is looking for them. You have great leverage to negotiate and can decide which company better supports your career ambitions.

If you want to go further, it’s time to build authority, speaking on events, promoting curses and mentorships.

Does not matter at which stage you are right now, the most important thing is to understand the market and be ready for the next opportunity to arrive. To help you with that, subscribe to Pluo and start to receive the best job opportunities in the world!



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