Need Applicants to Fill Open Positions?

employer meeting to fill open position
Take the hiring process seriously. You'll find the perfect candidate to fill your open position.

When looking to hire a new employee, sometimes the process doesn’t go as quickly as desired. When you need to fill open positions quickly, there a few key things you should do to attract the perfect candidates. Don’t worry. Pluo’s got your back!

We’ll teach you the best ways that you can appeal to top applicants who would be perfect additions to your team. Simply put, if you want to fill open positions faster, make sure to:

  • Expand social networks
  • Prioritize hiring duties
  • Keep your candidates informed

Remember, when you really need to fill a role, Pluo can make it happen. Finding top applicants is our job, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll go above and beyond to find you candidates that aren’t just skilled, but also a cultural fit for your workplace.

Explore new social outreach

Social media rules. As much as you might not want to admit it, the best way to get your job postings noticed is by using social media and online job platforms. LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor are great places to start. Many people that want jobs spend most of their day on these social hubs, so make an account for your company so you can use these tools to make connections and find top applicants.

As an employer on an online job posting sites, you can often promote your company, attract applicants and even see inside information for certain accounts you interact with. The internet is the ultimate tool to help you fill open jobs quickly. That’s why Pluo takes advantage of having access to an international talent pool when filling open positions. Our talent pool is unlimited and worldwide. Leave the hiring process to us. We have all the time and resources to find the perfect candidate for your remote team.

Prioritize top candidates

Found a candidate that checks off all the boxes? Make it known. If an applicant feels like there’s a slim chance they’ll get the job, they’re more likely to end up taking another offer. Understand that a talented candidate has options. By making sure top candidates are taken care of, you increase the chance that they view you as a top employer option.

Update applicants along the process

The best way to never get another application submitted is to ignore applicants that didn’t make the cut. Even though an applicant may not be right for your company, someone is waiting to hire them. Being courteous by informing candidates that they won’t be moving on will be a little less frustrating than hearing nothing at all. Don’t give candidates the leverage to claim your business can’t communicate professionally.

As long as you take the hiring process seriously, you’ll find the perfect candidate to fill your open position. If you can’t make time to take on the hiring process properly, reach out to us! We’ll scout out the employee you’ve been looking for.



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