Guide to the international hiring process

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Get to know how to properly create an efficient hiring process powered by all the features of Pluo and their partners, such as Deel!

Hiring internationally was always a huge burden. Finding talents offshore, evaluating their skills, and bringing them over was expensive and only doable when companies were looking to fulfill particular positions that required scarce skill sets. But it’s not like that anymore.

The remote revolution on hiring

Now when we think about hiring, there are no limiting borders anymore. The world is now remote, and your company needs to adapt to this reality if you want to hire qualified professionals in a highly competitive market consistently.

The remote reality promoted many advantages for both companies and talents across the globe. 

Hire internationally on a budget

For companies, through platforms like Pluo, you can hire professionals worldwide, amplifying your pool of candidates and strategically setting targets in specific countries such as the ones in Latin America. 

That kind of strategy enables you to hire top professionals in a reasonable time zone while keeping your budget under control due to the currency exchange.

Make dreams come true.

For talents, it enables the opportunity to broaden their perspectives of work and life ultimately. 

Working in an international company is the dream of many professionals, a sign of success, and the door to a better quality of life. With more competitive salaries, different cultures, and more space to grow, professionals are highly attracted to remote positions overseas.

Where to hire talents?

Alright, Rodolfo. All of that is beautiful and all. But how to do it? Where can I find talents? How can I evaluate them? How can I even pay them without the risk of being sued for work-laws?

Lucky for you, we have the answers to all of those questions.

Let’s start with the talent finding, which, honestly, it’s the trickiest part. Or at least it was until a few months ago.

When looking for professionals abroad, it’s common for companies to search in sites such LinkedIn, spending thousands of dollars on resources such as Linkedin Recruiter, Lever, and similars and having almost no success. The platforms seem to be just a vast pool of unqualified candidates or a Trello on steroids for you to keep track of your process.

I was that guy who spent endless hours navigating through many platforms, looking for talents for my clients, and getting thousands of cold shoulders until I could land the right person for the proper position.

At the same time, my partners and I were always freaks on organizing processes and operations to improve our efficiency. In the beginning, there were just two of us for at least ten different companies. Insane, right? Not if you do it properly.

Where to find talents internationally?

That is why we created Pluo. We always had strong relationships with the tech communities and made the objective of helping companies to improve their hiring process our major goal of life, as we can see the direct impact both on the business and in the life of the people in those communities.

Through Pluo, you can find the top talents active in tech communities worldwide and willing to work abroad for you. There is no need to guess. Instead of going to these professionals to pitch your company, write a good description and let them come to you. Through our outreach of over 100.000 talents, you can be sure that you will find exactly who you need.

If not, I will personally find this person for you. No kidding, I will.

How can I evaluate them?

There are multiple ways to evaluate a professional for your company based on what you expect of the position, the seniority level, and goes on. But the two standard ways to check the quality of a professional are:

  • Interviewing for soft skills and overall personality
  • Practical tests


Interviewing can be extremely tiring for both parties. You have to ask the same questions repeatedly, and the candidate has to do the same on the other end. It reaches a point where instead of checking for the soft skills, it becomes mechanic and bureaucratic.

What if instead of taking your time to do so, you could just check what the candidate answered before for other companies? Seems too good to be true?

Through our standard interview, you can have all this information, making it far easier for you to filter the candidates in an early stage without the need to use the most scarce resources that your team has – their time.

Practical Test

Practical tests are an essential part of the hiring process if you are looking for a more hands-on professional. It can assume many forms based on the position you are looking for to fulfill, from whiteboard interviews for designers to code challenges for developers.

When building a hiring funnel, having this step ready is utterly essential, and making the candidate aware that this step exists extremely necessary to reduce the rate of dropouts.

And again, why waste the time of your team on reviewing those code challenges when you can have a platform to do it for you?

How to build a contract?

That is a frightening step for every company, no matter the size. Countries have very different laws about hiring and working. And having to go through all of them can be extremely tiring and time-consuming. 

Paying your team can also be a burden if you don’t organize yourself properly. Tons of different currencies, taxes, bureaucracy complications. That all can make you think twice when looking to hire abroad.

Worry no more. We got you covered!

Pluo has a great partnership with Deel, enabling you to create a tailor-made contract for the countries you are looking for to hire without any concern about the laws and compliance. Deel takes care of it for you.

It also solves the colossal headache of needing to pay in different currencies. Through Deel, that is not a problem. The platform itself makes the conversion and guides your team on withdraws and provides credit cards to use their money even without the need to convert it. That makes everyone’s lives far more effortless.

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