Handling an Unqualified Applicant

resume review with unqualified applicant

Ensuring your employees are qualified is a necessary part of the hiring process. It’s not always easy to know who you’re hiring, especially with job interview bait-and-switch schemes happening more and more. In an age of video interviews, remote work, and multi-step hiring processes, losing track of who’s who is common. Even without interview fraud to worry about, there’s always the chance that an unqualified applicant will wiggle their way past a few interviews. We’ll teach you how to keep the unqualified applicant pool at bay while trying to fill a new position.

Connect with HR

The best way to avoid unqualified applicants is to weed them out early in the hiring process. As you invite candidates for interviews — whether virtual or in-person — always discuss applicants openly. All members in an HR team — as well as managers — should be updated on any interviews happening within the company. Discuss things like:

  • Applicant appearance: Does it align with company standards?
  • Interviewee’s technical ability: Did they know their way around the job? Seem experienced?
  • Candidate’s reason for applying: Test a candidate’s company knowledge. Was there a particular reason they applied?

Being open with communication and updates will easily allow your team to discover unqualified applicants. If you find that an unqualified candidate has made it through any given stage in the interview, be sure to stop the process immediately. Call or e-mail the candidate to thank them for their time and inform them that they won’t be continuing the process.

Pluo eliminates unqualified applicants

When you leave hiring duties to Pluo, we always make sure to only connect with qualified professionals. Hire through our platform because our team does thorough background checks, research, and technical assessments. You never have to worry about Pluo bringing unqualified applicants to your company. Our platform is also super-secure. When you post jobs with us, you can rest assured the posting is protected and getting the right looks from the perfect applicants.

No matter where you’re located, Pluo is the best hiring tool for you. Our applicants are located all across the world. With thousands of remote candidates ready to fill your open positions, we’re here to help you connect with them. Ready to start expanding your company with talent from all across the world? Post your first job on Pluo today!



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