How does the company evaluate your job performance?

job performance

The company you work for might have an evaluation process that involves surveys, interviews, and meetings. As they evaluate your performance, they ask you to provide feedback on yourself. This article will help you know what to expect as they are evaluating your job performance.

Pros and Cons of Evaluating Job Performance

Evaluating job performance can be difficult, but it is an essential part of the job evaluation process. Here are some pros and cons of assessing job performance.


  • Evaluation provides feedback that can help employees improve their skills and work more effectively.
  • Evaluation can provide an accurate snapshot of an employee’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Evaluation can help identify areas in which an employee needs improvement.


  • The evaluation may not always reflect the employee’s feelings or performance levels.

How are your job performance statistics calculated?

Your job performance statistics are calculated in some ways, but a meaningful way is by how much work you complete during each pay period. When you submit your timecard, your computer automatically calculates how much work you are satisfied with and subtracts any time off you took. If there’s a discrepancy between what you submitted and the computer calculated, your boss will usually contact you to resolve the issue.

Tips for Improving Your Work Ethic

To increase your chance of being promoted and getting a raise, you need to improve your work ethic. Here are some tips for improving your work ethic:

  1. Show up on time. If you’re one of those who always arrives late or leaves early, it will reflect poorly on you. You might as well not show up if that’s how you behave at work.
  2. Dress professionally. It goes for both men and women. The company won’t respect you or your work if you look sloppy and unprofessional. Even if you’re working from home, try to dress in a way that makes you look professional. You don’t have to wear a suit daily, but make sure your clothing is clean and pressed.
  3. Stick to the job description. If someone asks you to do something that isn’t in your job description, politely say no. If someone keeps asking themselves, ask your supervisor what’s supposed to happen next. If they can’t answer that, then it’s probably best if you don’t do it.

As company employees, we must rate regularly to ensure our continued satisfaction with our job. Evaluation can take many forms, from formal performance reviews to conversations with your supervisor about how you are doing. However, an essential part of any evaluation is that it feels fair and consistent.



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