How to change careers

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Vittoria Ardore
Psychology student who loves dealing and helping people. Works with IT recruitment always focusing in provide the best hiring experience for all candidates and companies. She always aims to learn more about this world.
September 22, 2021

Changing careers can be frightening at first, but it does not need to be that way. Be sure to understand the steps and what it takes. And remember, we are here to help you in this process too!

Believe in your potential to open doors and new careers.

When you start to believe in yourself, other people start to believe in you. Believe that you can and are capable of train yourself for the field that you want to work in. Show confidence and dedicate some time when thinking about changing careers.

Allow yourself to know you better.

The biggest risk of changing a profession is to make it without knowing about it. Allow yourself to ask “Why do I want to change? What are my dissatisfactions with the labor market I work in today? What are my professional dreams?”. The more answers you get, personal and professionally speaking, the surer you are that this is what you really want and the greater your knowledge of your potential will be.

Study your new career!

Sometimes we need to let go of some things for others. Everything in life is a choice. If possible, invest your time to learn and study. If you can’t, use your free time. Even 5 minutes is valid to learn. The Internet has lots of platforms with online and free courses. Add to your curriculum.

Create projects focused on your new career

One of the main challenges for those who want to change their careers is how to prove I can do and take responsibility for something I have never had experience before. Side projects can give the recruiter confidence that it is something you are able to do and it can give you a “taste” of how the new job feels like.

Manage your new career.

Now put into practice everything that this post taught you. Set your goals, stay updated about the market, make some network and make some relationship with your new job market. Invest in your personal marketing and be persistent.

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