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Finding the right talents is definitely not an easy task, but can become more efficient when you know exactly what you are looking for

Hiring new talents for your company is never an easy task. We get tangled in the paradox of the willingness to hire the perfect talent, someone that could take care of everything, and having no time to spend an endless amount of resources in this epic pursuit.

Let me help you to build a framework to understand the profile that you need.


What things does your company need to do right now, in the midterm and long term?

Plan your hiring based on your objectives. If you are building a product from the ground up, perhaps the product designer you need does not have to be spotless on UI, but needs to have excellent skills on the research side. Your design can develop the UI skills side in between, or you can onboard someone to take care of it in the midterm.

The same goes for developers. Do you need a full-stack at the beginning, or someone with excellent backend skills would be enough to set everything ready while the designer does the research and create the screens?

In more established companies, having professionals dedicated to specific fields with assertive skills can be much more interesting. Having a laser focus can help you to speed up the process and make better hiring decisions.

Experience level

Keep in mind that senior professionals require less supervision but need more structure to feel comfortable to work. They have a lot of experience in different companies and will feel frustrated to join a company whose processes are not perfectly settled yet.

When building an early-stage company, hiring juniors is not a great strategy. Still, mid-level can already get the work done while keeping on budget, getting trained to become your future seniors in the company. That guarantees that you will have experienced talents in the future that know precisely what your business is about.

If you already have an established company with an expressive number of senior professionals, the game changes a little. 

Hiring junior and mid-levels can be an excellent strategy to get traction on your hiring process. Onboarding less experienced professionals create room to develop potential talents inside.

Culture and Soft Skills

When building the ideal profile, remember that your company’s culture is one of the most valuable assets you can have. It’s utterly important that you hire the right persons to guide this development. Aligning the team with your vision and the kind of environment you want to create.

For more developed companies, assessing the candidate’s soft skills is almost as important as for an early stage. Hiring someone that does not fit your culture can create friction on the team, noise on the communication, and even decrease the overall efficiency of your professionals.

Keep in mind what kind of person you want to have for this specific position. Not all of your jobs will require the same skillset on the soft skills side.

For example, there is no need to look for someone with excellent leadership skills if this person will not lead anything in the company. That is a common mistake that will lead to frustration on the professional side, and possible conflicts in the future.

Suppose your company does not have a fully complete development process yet. In that case, onboarding talents with excellent organizational skills can seem contradictory, but a great thing to do. This is the kind of professional that will help you build this structure and settle the culture from the beginning.

How to know?

A great way to understand those shades of a professional is by developing an efficient hiring process, knowing what questions to ask. And already receiving that information at the moment of the application is a HUGE time-saver. For that reason, at Pluo we have our standard interview enabling the company to glimpse the candidate without wasting any time in the first step of the hiring process. Going directly for an evaluatory process with more assertiveness 

So are you ready to hire?



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