Remember Your Meetings With These Apps And Bots


As online dating and romance become more popular, many apps help people get the best match. In this blog article, we talk about apps that can help you and bots that can remind you when it’s time for a specific task or event.

Why are they helpful?

Apps and bots are helpful because they can automate tasks and make life easier for people. For example, an app can remind someone to do something important, like picking up their kid from daycare, and a bot can help people find information quickly.

Popular apps to get reminders within Slack

Slack is a messaging app that has quickly become a popular business and team communication tool. Slack has become a favorite among startup employees and entrepreneurs with its easy-to-use interface. Because of its popularity, Slack also has several plugins and bots that can use for reminders and other tasks.

Here are some apps and bots that can help you remember your first date:

  1. Remember the Date:  With this app, you can keep track of dates and times and add notes about the event. It also includes a scheduler to send reminders at specific times automatically.
  2. Snooze: This bot you can use to turn off notifications for a set amount of time, after which it will send again. It is perfect for people who want to avoid distraction but still want occasional reminders about events.
  3. Repeating Reminders: This plugin allows you to create repeating notifications for different tasks or events. It is perfect for people with multiple events happening on the same day or week.
  4. Stay Awake!: This bot is designed to keep you awake until a particular time. It sends out gentle vibrations once it reaches that time.



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