Tech Layoffs: How to Retain Talent

building partnerships in the midst of tech layoffs

Elon Musk isn’t the only one laying off thousands of employees. Even Meta and Airbnb have participated in similar practices. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic instability continue to change the tech industry, but what exactly is happening?

The internet isn’t in high demand

During the pandemic, there was an unprecedented rise in online systems. In fact, the world depended on effective remote software and online functionality. While many believed that increased remote activity would continue, we can see now that this isn’t the case.

People miss going to friends’ homes, watching movies in a theater, and going out to eat. Big names like Meta — meant to captivate the remote world — just don’t seem as promising as they did a few years ago. A new focus on restoring pre-COVID norms has taken priority over the rapid expansion of the internet.

How tech layoffs affect employees

The apparent solution for tech companies foreseeing a recession is layoffs. The mass firings have caused a disconnect between tech companies and employees. Pluo is here to reestablish the trust between companies and talented employees amidst unprecedented tech layoffs.

Our team understands how hard it is to find exceptional tech talent. We don’t just look for qualified employees, we also consider:

  • Location
  • Company culture
  • Past experiences

It’s hard to attract loyal tech employees since most are on edge after recent events. Pluo can help you find the perfect team for your company. Join today to see why so many recruiters around the world love us!

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