What Is Endomarketing?

Employer answers the question: what is endomarketing?

There’s more to motivation than money. Even though money plays a big part in why a person may perform well, there are better ways to incentivize employees. So, what is endomarketing exactly?

Marketing for employees

Endomarketing is similar to marketing, but it targets your employees instead of consumers. Customers are always catered to, even to the detriment of employees. Endomarketing focuses on retaining loyal and hardworking employees over clients. In the endgame, a loyal employee can do a lot more for the success of your business.

Reward achievements

Acknowledging accomplishments is 100% how to keep a strong team connected and motivated. Harping on mistakes is counterproductive and can cause a dip in team morale. Always include constructive feedback in work conversations, but don’t be afraid to applaud a job well done. Simple acknowledgment gestures are sure to encourage your team to keep up the good work, even during a tough week.

Engage with team members

Don’t assume everything is always okay. Sometimes your team may want to talk some things out. Be a leader in communication by giving your employees the open floor when they have issues or concerns about work. Interviewing a new candidate? Make sure that you’re available as much as possible to answer questions and reassure them throughout the process.

Appeal to more applicants

If you want to stand out in spaces like Pluo and LinkedIn, try endomarketing! Be willing to offer some benefits that let employees know their work is appreciated. If you’ve never done any endomarketing, try offering:

  • Generous PTO: Give team members the ability to control their work-life balance. This keeps everyone happy, productive, and well-rested.
  • Bonus opportunities: Everyone likes to make some extra cash. When you reward good efforts at work, people tend to do better for themselves and the company.
  • Free resources: Most quality resources don’t come cheap. Offering these tools to employees will help you secure a team that wants to use the best equipment available to get the job done.

Make sure potential employees know that your company values good work. Great endomarketing will have job candidates flocking to your company.




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