Hiring professionals from communities?

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Learn about the benefits of hiring directly from tech communities and how it can totally change your hiring game!

A community is a targeted group with specific and shared interests that reunite to exchange information, interact and help each other grow together. We have plenty of communities worldwide, and the tech ones are some of the strongest online.

If you are looking to hire tech professionals, you have already stepped on some of them and noticed that the communities are a big deal in a globalized world.

So let me help you to understand with three simples arguments why you should focus on hiring from there!

Engaged Professionals

Suppose you are looking for professionals who really care about the development of the product. Community-based is the best approach to go. In those groups, you can find talents investing in building a career and making meaningful contributions.

The whole idea behind communities is to give back. So you can be sure that engaged members of communities are professionals that look forward to improving and raising others. It seems like a good thing to have in your team, right?

Qualified Professionals

Communities are built from people and usually emerge from the urge to share knowledge, take specific questions, and create things together. In this kind of sharing environment is extremely common to find highly talented professionals attracted to this culture.

Because of that, this is the kind of place where you can find exactly the ones that you would never see applying for positions on standard job boards. Talented people are not actively looking for opportunities. Usually, they come to them.

Through communities is the only way to find ex-founders, people in a high hierarchy, specialists, and mentors in a single place. Not looking directly for a job, but not blind to it.

With the proper positioning and an exciting challenge placed in the right community, you can find a professional that no one else has access.

Tech Evangelism in Communities

Having people talking about your company is one of the best investments when dealing with evangelism. It gets even more powerful when the ones talking have authority and are recognized inside a specific community.

Word-of-mouth is the top scorer on the NPS (Net Promoter Score), meaning that this person is now a promoter of your brand, helping you to potentialize the overall impact of your campaigns for the group. Hiring people from the community allows you to leverage this benefit.

Once your company starts interacting and showing itself as a meaningful contributor to communities, your hiring skyrockets, and you can stop worrying about whether or not you will be concerned to hire as fast you need.

When building a hiring process, that is exactly what you should be looking forward to achieving. And that is exactly what Pluo offers to you!



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