Why your company should remain remote even after the pandemic

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July 19, 2021

When the pandemic started back in March 2020, we had no clue on its duration, or how the work-life would occur in the following months. As things kept going and companies understood that they needed to be totally remote to remain functional, the work culture changed for good.

Now we are seeing a backward movement. Companies are starting to ask employees to come back to their office twice or three times a week. But how it will be for some of them that moved across the United States or even to other countries?

The outcome of all of this coming-back-to-office strategy is rising unhappiness and higher costs for both companies and employees.

So these points below will show you why you should remain remote forever in your company

#1 – Easier onboarding of candidates

As candidates don’t need to switch routines, addresses, and timezone, onboarding is quite easier when working remotely.

If your company allows the BYOD policy (bring your own device) the onboarding becomes far easier. You will have a candidate ready to go as soon as the agreement is signed.

If your company uses specific hardware and software that is strictly confidential, things get a little harder, but still not rocket science. You can send your employee a box with all of the company’s swag and tech stuff, making them feel comfortable since Day 0.

#2 – Remote work allows access to candidates worldwide

Not having any geographical boundaries will allow your company to retain and hire more employees around the world.

When looking for a great candidate for your company, you need to look for timezones, currency, and of course, the requirements of your positions. If you are looking forward to hiring great talents, paying high salaries at a low cost there is no better way to go than Pluo, as the Pluo community is among one of the greatest ones in LATAM.

During the pandemic, people are becoming more selective about which jobs they will take. They are thinking about spending less time on the commute, expanding their international experiences. And of course, receiving payments in other currencies than their local ones.

#3 – Happier employees

According to a survey run by Owl Labs and Inc.com where over 1,200 professionals were interviewed, 22% between ages 22 and 65 were happier working remotely than professionals that just experienced on-office work in their lives.

The reasons candidates prefer and/or choose to work remotely were:

  • work-life balance (91%),
  • increased productivity/better focus (79%),
  • less stress (78%), and
  • avoid a commute (78%).

How is your company adapting to this new remote culture?

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