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You need to hire a web developer but don't know the lingo, and the definition of the position given to you was not clear enough

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You receive so many random candidates that you don't even know how to handle all of them

Your candidate drop the process right when you had everything set and ready, with the offer in hands. And now you have to start the process from the beginning all over again

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Common Questions

We don’t want you out, so we’ve separated answers from some frequently asked questions.

Pluo works with diverse talents in the technology segment, from developers and designers to marketing and sales professionals. We help you build complete teams for your business to take off!

At Pluo you can highlight your vacancy, have access to our mailings to reach the maximum number of candidates, as well as check all the applications in one place in your company profile!

Besides, of course, saving time by having access to standard interviews and complete information about candidates.

From the moment our talents begin to apply for your position, you can contact us at will to schedule the next steps and close the contract.

Pluo was born from the technology community and our talents are professionals engaged in the market. That way we are sure that we have qualified professionals that you won’t find on any other platform.

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