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How does it work?

Use AI to empower your talent acquisition skills, using Pluo's job description generator to work better and faster.

Step 01

Gather Information
Be sure to know everything that needs to be in the description.

Step 02

Fill out the form and try to be precise. for better results.

Step 03

Result on email
You will receive the description and a linkedin post in your email in 30 seconds or less 🙂

Common Questions

We don’t want you left out, so we’ve separated answers from frequently asked questions.


Our job description generator is totally free of cost for you!

Sure, no problem!

Even though we highly recommend using Pluo to find your next teammate because you can hire better and faster, you are free to use it in other job boards and websites.


All job descriptions are made using AI and are entirelly original.

Of course our models have studied hundreds of thounsands of job descriptions around the internet to search what works better. But none of them is a copy.

No worries 🙂

Yeah! You can use it for as many job descriptions you want!

Unfortunately, we are still developing this feature. But you get a nice discount posting with us after generating your job description here.

Check your email for more information after generating it.

Save more time with Pluo

You’ve created a Job Description for success, now let us help you find the right people to fill it.

Post now on Pluo and start hiring!

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