Back-end Developer

SimpleLegal is a legal tech startup, headquartered in Mountain View, that is innovating the way corporate legal teams work. Used by the legal departments at Reddit, Alphabet, GitHub, and over 250 more, we are quickly becoming the SaaS platform of choice for enterprise legal teams. Sales has Salesforce, Legal has SimpleLegal.

Our culture focuses on ownership, transparency, and community. Development is light on process and every developer makes an impact, usually merging code within their first week. We have dedicated frontend engineers, so backend engineers occasionally dip into full-stack, but primarily focus on the backend.

The engineering team watches and discusses tech talks over lunch once a week. Every other week we dedicate a full day to “Fix-It Friday” for self-assigned work: experiment with a library; build an internal tool; improve the company for yourself and your coworkers as you see fit. We also have a liberal open-source policy for personal projects, and have released a few packages of our own, as well:

Build and maintain features in our Django application.
Review code written by your colleagues
Communicate with marketing, support, and customer success to refine requirements, document features, and debug production issues.

Our Tech Stack

Our apps are built using Django + Postgres on Heroku. Developer services are hosted on AWS and GKE. Our users typically interact with SimpleLegal directly through the UI but we do have an API implemented using Django REST Framework for integrations with other legal-tech and fin-tech applications. The front-end is primarily Bootstrap with JavaScript + jQuery which is being incrementally replaced with React and Redux.

About SimpleLegal

We’re here to build a world-class enterprise SaaS product that our customers love, that has the best support of any software product they use, in an environment that celebrates company and personal success. We offer competitive compensation and benefits in a fun working environment.


Skills & Experience:

Relational / SQL Database
Customer Focused
4+ years of relevant experience

Django experience
Git, Docker, Heroku, AWS, GCP
REST API Development Experience

Skills + Tech


Salary Range

Not Informed