Belo Investment Research

Data-Viz Designer

Company Momentum

We are a company with solid experience in the international investment research market, focused on the search, consolidation, treatment, visualization, and analysis of alternative and traditional data. We are currently building a team focused on new business in Brazil. To this end, we are working together with a strategic consulting firm to define the product portfolio and marketing and sales strategy. We are building dashboards and reports from various sectors, using alternative data, to give the client an earlier and more accurate reading of scenarios and companies. For this, we need people who can contribute to the prototyping of the products.

Our team has been growing rapidly due to the constant increase in demands from existing clients and due to the expansion into the Brazilian market. We seek professionals who work well in a team, are committed and have the ability to switch quickly between projects.  We are a dynamic company, focused on innovation, seeking to develop, grow, and evolve more every day. We value a collaborative environment, and we are always open to new ideas and visions.


Role Description

Design static and interactive charts that will clearly and accurately convey quantitative information. Charts will be developed primarily on ObservableHQ, with a preference for high-level charting libraries such as Vega-Lite, Plot, Plotly, and the like.

In addition to the development of good-looking charts, it is critical to be able to translate quantitative information in a way that actually helps the reader quickly understand the business questions they are meant to answer.  

Main Activities

  • Develop data-driven reports on ObservableHQ, as well as static reports.
  • Work with Research and Communication teams to support them with data-viz needs.
  • Wrangle pre-processed data to create views.




  • N/A


  • Required:
    • Proficiency in JavaScript.
    • Knowledge of some data visualization libraries for the web.
    • Some experience working with data
  • Preference:
    • Basic experience with ObservableHQ
    • Proficiency in D3


  • Required: English, working professional proficiency (B2, see CEFR)

Study Levels

  • Bachelors or professional degree.


  • Mid-level

Skills + Tech


Salary Range

BRL$ 6.000,01 - BRL$10.000,00