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Job description

A U.S.-based company that is on a mission to hasten the dawn of a new era in file data management by uniting cloud computing with the digital workforce, is looking for a Full-Stack Front-End-Heavy Engineer. The engineer will be responsible for creating testable and maintainable systems and components. The company is enabling businesses to manage extensive file data across hybrid cloud environments. The company has managed to securely raise $345mn+ during its Series E round of funding. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide user-facing products in collaboration with software developers, product owners, and UX designers

  • Use an agile development process that values teamwork

  • By utilizing React and TypeScript to design a robust, appealing, and simple UI, help the team to create a fantastic user experience

  • Work items should be divided into smaller fragments and delivered in stages

  • Construct common UI paradigms and elements to guarantee a smooth and homogeneous user experience across the entire product


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)

  • At least 5+ years of relevant experience as a front-end or full-stack engineer

  • 4+ years of experience with component-based frameworks like React, Angular, Express, etc.

  • Prolific experience with TypeScript and related technologies

  • In-depth knowledge of D3.js and experience building complex graphs

  • Mastery of concepts like promises, closures, and asynchronous programming

  • Practical knowledge of creating, deploying, and maintaining containerized web apps using a variety of AWS services

  • Ability to work with stakeholders and designers to create a user-centric experience

  • Solid understanding of software testing, especially the complexities involved in testing front-end and UI components

  • Fluent in spoken and written English communication

Skills + Tech


Full-Stack Front-End-Heavy Engineer

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