Senior Full Stack Engineer

Have you ever been part of a hyper-growth startup?

We're an e-commerce startup with a successful Shopify application, looking for a full-stack developer with solid knowledge of Vue.js. The position is aimed at experienced software engineers who're interested in joining a vibrant startup in the long term.

Our product is live and growing fast. We're actively developing the core platform, adding new features, and updating our cloud infrastructure. If you join us, expect to make software design decisions, craft new components from scratch, and refactor existing code to perfection.

We're building a fully remote team that follows the example of companies such as Basecamp, Buffer, and Automattic. We are a global team that speaks English, Russian, and Hebrew. To ensure sufficient time overlap with the engineering team, the position is open to EU time zones only.


  • 4 years or more employed as a full-stack developer
  • 2 years or more building web applications in Vue.js
  • 1 year or more employed fully remotely by international companies
  • Experience in developing apps for Shopify, familiar with the platform concepts and API
  • Interested in joining a company as a fully-remote team member in the long term

Bonus points - if you have experience with:

  • Deploying microservices with Kubernetes on Amazon EKS or Google GKE
  • Nest.js or other web frameworks in the Node.js ecosystem
  • Typescript
  • Django web framework and Python

What you get

  • Experience working in a global, fully-remote startup in its most exciting early stages.
  • Contribute to a fast-growing product with millions of users.
  • Gain critical knowledge about the Shopify eco-system and the e-commerce world in general.
  • Practice continuous delivery to a live production environment.
  • Employee stock options plan (starting from 2022)

The stack

Our frontend stack contains Vue.js, ElementUI, Webpack, Cypress, and Jest. Our backend is built with Django and AWS cloud functions, using MySQL and PostgreSQL. Our servers run on Heroku, but we're transitioning to Kubernetes on Amazon EKS. We use GitHub,, SemaphoreCI. Our lightweight agile process and technical knowledge are managed in Notion.

Our main focus is on Vue.js but our roadmap spans a wide range of technologies:

  • Aggressive development of the core product in Vue.js
  • Heavy investment in advanced features and integration with Shopify
  • Transition from Heroku to Kubernetes on EKS, microservices with the gateway pattern
  • Adding new microservices in Nest.js, possibly with Apollo GraphQL
  • Cloud architecture revamp to improve widget loading time and performance
  • Transition to Vue.js 3 and 100% Typescript
  • IaC and GitOps with env0
  • Increase automation coverage to support fully automated continuous delivery
  • Refactor the application core to integrate with additional e-commerce CMS

About PickyStory

PickyStory is an e-commerce startup with a successful Shopify application. We enable merchants to offer product bundles to their customers and increase revenue from every store visit. Our product is live and growing fast. The team is global and fully remote.


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