Senior Python Developer (100% Remote)

We are small team of developers who manage product inventory database "sync'ing" for many of the worlds largest internet retailers.

Your job will be to read/write Python code to help VersaFeed take product inventory information in, process/analyze/AI/massage the data, and then send the modified inventory out to destinations like Google, Facebook, Bing, Rakuten and other large channels.

Primary tasks include:


No Agencies Please

VersaFeed creates product/data feeds (JSON/CSV/TSV/XML/API) for many of the worlds largest online merchants.

  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


No Agencies Please

  • 100% Remote OK, but be available for at least 1-2 hours per day in US PST (Pacific/San Francisco) timezone so we can communicate with you.
  • English fluency
  • We are looking for a long-term candidate. If your CV is entirely 1-2 year stints, we will probably pass.
  • At least 4 years as a professional developer, with at least 2 writing Python code.
  • Self-motivated. This can be hard for remote work.
  • Patient. The code base is large and certain parts are unwieldly. Be able to read code/comments, dig in, and fix things when needed.
  • Excited. There are some really fun areas we work with including new features that exist in their own container running bleeding edge libraries.
  • Inquisitive. We wear lots of hats. We write code, debug code, manage containers, AWS instances, shell scripts, cron jobs, proxies, pytests, SQL/Postgres, Prometheus, etc. These all require an inquisitive mindset and the ability to research and dig on a problem.

About the Company

VersaFeed creates product/data feeds (JSON/CSV/TSV/XML/API) for many of the worlds largest online merchants.

  • Stable company with a 15 year track record
  • Small, efficient engineering team, low on bureaucracy
  • Weekly dev meetings to ensure you have what you need to accomplish your personal developer goals, while also adding value to VersaFeed.
  • Once-per-year in person meetings where we pick a city and have a blast! Optional, but highly encouraged to attend (they are fun, we promise!)

Skills + Tech


Salary Range

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