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The Request Foundation’s mission is to re-invent how we experience payments, rebuild trust and integrity in the financial industry and be at the forefront of financial inclusion. We inspire and educate developers and partners to use the Request Network and build an ecosystem of financial applications together that is open source, seamless and interoperable.

Through our suite of financial apps dedicated to crypto first companies, we’re building a network that connects businesses around the world.

Our first product, Request Invoicing, allows any business and organization to bill and receive payments in both traditional currencies and digital ones such as USDC, DAI and USDT among many others in the list.

Our global and fully remote team is constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to empower Defi (decentralized finance) and Crypto first businesses around the world.


We are looking for an experienced Senior React Native to join the development team, with a minimum full-stack background, able to kick-start the tech foundations of a very new project.


Based on the specifications of the Request Expenses MVP, on Request Invoicing features and on our current infrastructure :

  • Make the first MVP and iterate. The MVP should be a mobile app or mobile-friendly web-app
  • Design the infrastructure, software & development process to make it future-proof
  • Our current stack: Typescript, Node, React, Mongo, Kubernetes, Docker, Circle CI.
  • Give your input and needs for the continuous improvement of the Request Network library, make it easy to pay and get paid on public blockchains with open source packages: request-client.js, payment-processor, payment-detection, etc.


  • Solid knowledge of computer science fundamentals: algorithms, data structures, databases, distributed systems, operating systems, networking
  • Ability to lead a mobile product development from scratch (with the product manager)
  • Strong interest in blockchain technology, and the future of payments
  • Good knowledge of Typescript and Node.js
  • Used to open-source development
  • Understanding of API design (REST, RPC)
  • Good understanding of git and continuous integration tools
  • Self-motivated, innovative and proactive
  • Ability to take responsibility for projects and the willingness to learn and grow professionally in a team environment
  • Willingness to improve by giving and asking for feedback
  • Team spirit above personal results

*Bonus - this makes you stand out

  • Good knowledge of Ethereum: frequent dapp usage or smart-contract development
  • Cryptography
  • Monitoring of stability and performances


  • Being on the frontier of this new and exciting technology, you will be given the chance to lead the way forward!
  • You will have the opportunity to work in a highly ambitious team that wants to have a lasting impact on the way we experience finance tomorrow
  • Work in an informal and friendly environment that is very open to new initiatives and ideas
  • The team is inclusive, with inspirational and international colleagues that like to participate in team events
  • Unlimited vacation days with a mandatory minimum of 20/year.
  • We all work remotely (even without pandemic) but we love to meet as frequently as possible, with at least 3 company-wide reunions per year where possible.


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