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The salary range is so wide because I would like some of the compensation to be variable or performance based (such as bonuses when new apps and or meaningful features are launched). I know money is the most important thing to you. It is for me too. I am prepared to pay the right person a lot of money, especially for a remote job. This is up to you and I to discuss. If you want equity I am willing to do that after a standard vesting cliff period. In fact I would love if you really wanted equity and were that type of person -- one that cared about the long-term.

Saga Ventures is hiring for the role of CTO/Tech Lead. We’ll give you any title you want if you get things done.

As CTO/Tech Lead you will be responsible for the oversight of, the hiring process of and the development of multiple web and mobile applications.

Saga Ventures is a startup based in Switzerland that builds products that solve its founder’s problems. Basically the founder is solving his own problems with software. The founder is technical but has too many ideas and wants to implement more than one idea at a time. Your job is to lead the development of these software projects. Whether that is outsourcing hiring on freelance websites or hiring full time employees, that’s your choice (almost entirely; I may push back on a decision to see how well you’ve thought it out or something like that).

Top 5 reasons to work with Saga Ventures.

The person you report to (me, the guy writing this) wants as minimal contact as possible. This means you will be working autonomously almost the entire time. You will be asked to give a weekly report of the progress made each week on each application. This is how I will judge your performance. I will track budgeting with you. We may need to have calls, especially at the beginning of the job, but I generally do not like having calls. I am not one of those bosses who insists on doing things for the sake of doing them.

This is not a role where you will learn from others, technically speaking. You should be confident and familiar with all aspects of web and mobile application development (React Native specific). You should be comfortable with and desire to work independently.

The ideas and applications we are working on are not pie in the sky ideas. They are all intended to solve current problems of the founder. For some of the ideas, competing applications exist. For others, the problems we will be working on are not currently realized by the public. They are new. One example problem is how to easily share only the code that a remote developer needs to work on a repository of code.

Two of the five ideas have partially developed apps. They need love and attention from someone focused.

The themes of the products are:

Remote Work Investing and Finance Language Learning Longevity/Anti-aging

All of the above themes are passions of his and industries he is highly experienced in (except longevity, that is a mere passion with a missing website ;).

Things I Care About

Your ability to work independently on full feature sets bringing product specifications to life. You should basically never ask me a technical question. I am trying to not code at all here. I do product, design, strategy, finance, business stuff. You do and lead everything else. Be able to take ownership of problems with a determination to solve them (this sentence was from a boilerplate job description from another one that I copied but it sounded good.

Things I don’t care about:

Agile development or any other development styles and how you get things built. [I may steer you towards certain development approaches though (such as using the same tech stack and directory structure across apps to maximize development efficiency)]. Where you live When you work on a daily basis. If we don’t have to speak with one another, we don’t. It would be great if we could be a text-only company. Automattic is. Why can’t Saga Ventures be?

Skills required:

React/React-Native/React-Native-Web for frontend Experience leading development projects or the confidence and ability to do so Would be nice if you had a good understanding of AWS with some devops experience

As CTO/Tech Lead you must be highly proficient in React Native. We share as much code as possible between mobile and web applications by using the React Native Web package.

Our backend is the classic Express, MongoDB/Mongoose.


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