JavaScript jobs

Learn about what is JavaScript, how to use it and how to find jobs in JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript, is a programming language that is important to learn for web development, alongside HTML and CSS.

It’s main usage is on websites and over 97% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for web page behavior. JavaScript can also be used on the server side with Node.JS or other engines.

There are over a thousand remote JavaScript jobs available here at Pluo!

Pros of using JavaScript

  1. JavaScript is available in every main browser in the world, making it widely adopted
  2. It has important asynchronous programming concepts builtin (Promises, Callbacks)
  3. Extremely powerful language
  4. It is an open-source language and its specification is created by W3C

Cons of using JavaScript

  1. If you are working on the client side, you will sometimes have trouble to 
  2. There are some threading and speed limitations that the language has not yet been able to resolve.

Questions about JavaScript

We don’t want you left out, so we’ve separated answers from some frequently asked questions.

There are several courses on the market that allow you to learn JavaScript and quickly enter the market.

These courses and content will help you a lot to prepare for the national and international market.

Each of the people and companies negotiates in different ways, so there is no rule for remuneration, but speaking of salary ranges, we can indicate some.

For JavaScript Programmer Internship jobs, our data indicate that salary ranges are between R$1,000.00 to R$3,000.00 in Brazil

For JavaScript Junior Programmer jobs, our data indicate that salary ranges are between R$3,000.00 to R$6,000.00 in Brazil

For JavaScript Programmer jobs, our data indicate that salary ranges are between R$6,000.00 to R$10,000.00 in Brazil

For JavaScript Senior Programmer jobs, our data indicate that salary ranges are between R$9,000.00 to R$15,000.00 in Brazil

Obviously, there are other salary ranges and these are salary ranges for national vacancies. For international vacancies, each company and location is different.

Some JavaScript jobs available on Pluo

Multi Media LLC


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NOW IT Talent (to work for Santex Group)


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Remote Scout


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