What does a Product Designer do at XNV?

And here is what you'll be doing:

• Driving design through data, understanding the reality of production use and experimenting to fine tune usability

• Prototyping experimental products and features

• Implementing strategies for standardizing design patterns across the products

• Know how to follow HEART metrics - Happiness, Engagement, Adopation, Retention and Task Success

• Working collaboratively, presenting ideas and sharing knowledge

• Staying up-to-date with industry best practices

• Translating design decisions into style guides, patterns and reusable components for other teammates to use to build the product

• Building strong work relationship with other team members

• Helping to build a culture that promotes and values design throughout the organization

• Work closely with your engineers to build components that seamlessly fit into a larger component library / style guide

• Help make high-level strategic decisions with the rest of the product team


What does a Product Designer bring in his/her backpack?

Here is the professional we're looking for:

• At least 3 years of experience as Product Designer or UX/UI Designer

• Expert proficiency with Figma, Ditto, Analytics, Data Studio and other web design tools

• Strong written and oral communication skills (English and Portuguese)

• Experience working in an agile product development environment

• Knowledge of performance consideration in mobile and web applications

• Strong understanding of mobile UX design patterns for both iOS and Android

• Never afraid to build a quick and dirty prototype to illustrate a concept or experience

• A solid portfolio that shows your ability to solve complex UI/UX problem in an elegant way

• Strong critical thinking, analytical skills and the ability to understand complex business processes

• You can comfortably articulate UX/UI tradeoffs and iterate quickly

• Scrappy start-up, entrepreneurial spirit and desire to continually grow, learn, and stretch beyond your limits is a must for all positions at Exponential Ventures.

• A keen eye for visual UI details

• Ability to think at a about product strategy and vision

You will shine our eyes if …

  • Know how to be more productivity using Figma Automations.
  • Test your decisions with data using analytical tools such as mixpanel, hotjar, datastudio, analytics and others.
  • Know how to create quick presentations with important data about design decisions that you’ve made.
  • Document the process clearly for other team members in tools like Notion.
  • You have a portfolio or a case study showing your work process, successes, failures, lessons learned and gains.
  • Have had or work for a startup in one or more market segments



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