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With Pluo everyone gets benefits, with tech professionals receiving rewards and recruiters hiring faster! #winwin

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By filling out the form, you receive a code to share and help recruiters get new talents while you collect rewards!

The recruiter also receives 20% off!

If you need any support, reply to the email that you will receive after signing up, and the Pluo team will gladly help 🙂

How the rewarding system works?

You will share your unique code, and every time a recruiter from your code posts a job on Pluo, you will receive $50. As simple as that!
You will receive an email to let you know as soon as they post so we can request your pay-pal information for payment.

Track who used your code!

Here you can see the rewards that you have won when your friends signed-up!

And through your unique code, we can also check the people that came because of your recommendation!

Why trust Pluo?

Discover the history of companies that transform their teams through Pluo.

Common Questions

We don’t want you out, so we’ve answers to some frequently asked questions.

Pluo works with diverse technology talent, from developers and designers to marketing and sales professionals. We help you build complete teams for your business to take off!
And we were born for the tech communities, so our engagement rates in job posts are through the roof at the same time that the majority of our base is qualified
(differently from other job boards we all know 👀)

Through your code, they also get 20% off!

Sure thing!

Everyone is welcome to be part of our rewards system. If you know other recruiters that can benefit of our platform, feel free to reach out and get a reward for it!


The rules may change in time, but you will receive $50 per post that came through you right now.

If that is not the sweetest deal you ever saw, then I don’t know what could be 🙂


As more recruiters you send it to, the higher your chances of getting more money. And if everyone posts it, well…


That’s what we call a Jackpot!

Every time a new job is posted through your referral link, you will be notified by email automatically, and we will request your details to send the payment. We are currently using Paypal, but we can serve multiple platforms.

And best of all, you can get your reward immediately. As soon as it’s posted, it is just a few hours for our team to gather the information and send your well-deserved reward.

If you feel your team needs to hire and are struggling to find the right professionals, reach out to them and present Pluo!

That way, you can help them while still getting rewards 🙂